Below you will find our selection of Lincoln center caps and wheel covers for sale. We have many genuine OEM parts which have been meticulously cleaned using an eco-friendly ultrasonic machine. Our used Lincoln hubcaps and center caps for sale come in various diameters and finishes including chrome, satin chrome, machined, and painted. Lincoln center caps are manufactured to fit securely in the middle of an aluminum wheel and hubcaps fit steel wheels. Identifying the exact replacement part is both challenging and critical. The part number stamped on the back of the center cap is critical. If you have a cap on at least one wheel, please remove it and use the part number on the back to search here. Once the part number is identified, the finish of the cap should be noted. The chrome finish is shiny and mirror-like while the satin chrome is shiny but not mirror-like. The machined finish is brushed aluminum and the painted finish is silver/grey for painted aluminum wheels. Knowing the correct part number and wheel finish will ensure that you will be able to locate a used Lincoln hubcap or center cap. We offer free shipping to all 50 US states and a generous return policy. Don't forget to contact us at if you need assistance identifying the correct part for your specific wheel package.