Are you looking for a Mazda center cap, hubcap, or wheel cover? If so, we have the quality and selection you need! We offer genuine used OEM Mazda hubcaps and center caps for sale to bring your wheels back to their original shine. We use an eco-friendly ultrasonic cleaning process and perform a quality control check on all Mazda parts before they are shipped. We ship to all 50 states for FREE! Identifying the correct replacement part is critical. The best way to ensure that you order the correct Mazda center cap or hubcap is to locate the part number. To do this, please remove one of the caps from a wheel and note the part number which should be stamped on the back of the part. Once you have the part number, please enter it into the search field here. If you do not know the part number or are unable to locate it, please click here to search by year/make/model. Please remember that there are multiple used Mazda hubcaps and center caps for sale for every year and model so just because a cap is found via a year/make/model search it may not be the one for your specific wheel package. Please confirm prior to purchasing. If you have any questions, please contact us at Don't forget we provide free US shipping and a 14-day return policy.