Are you missing one or more center caps from your Grand Prix? Or perhaps a hubcap from a Pontiac Vibe? If so, we can help return your vehicle back to its original state. We have OEM used Pontiac hubcaps, wheel covers, and center caps for sale that fit on aluminum and steel wheels. We have OEM parts to fit everything from the Aztec to the Trans Am. How do you know which part is needed for your particular wheel package? Good question! The best thing to do is to remove one of the caps from your wheel and locate the manufacturer's part number which is usually stamped on the back of the center cap or hubcap. Once you here this information, you can enter it into the Search field here. If you are unable to remove a wheel cover or are missing all four parts, please use the Make, Model, and Year search located here. Please be sure to select the OEM part for your specific wheel size and the number of wheel spokes as the parts are not interchangeable. Feel free to reach out to us with questions about our used Pontiac hubcaps and center caps for sale at sales@centercaps.net. We provide free shipping to all 50 US states!