Smart Car

Please find our selection of used OEM Smart Car wheel covers, hubcaps and wheel covers. We provide genuine OEM refurbished wheel parts to get your wheels looking great again. We have OEM Smart Car center caps to fit the Fortwo model. All used Smart Car wheel hubcaps, wheel covers and center caps are thoroughly cleaned using an ultrasonic machine which brings the parts back to their original shine while also being gentle on the environment. The Smart Car center caps snap into the center of the aluminum wheel while the hubcaps are used on the steel wheel. Finding the correct OEM part can be challenging. If possible, the manufacturer's part number should be used to search here. The part number can be found stamped on the back of the cap. If the part number is not available, please use the year and model search here. Please note that there are many Smart Car hubcaps, wheel covers and center caps made for each year and model and they are not always interchangeable. If you have any questions or need additional help locating the correct used Smart Car wheel cover, hubcap or center cap, please contact us a1-866-909-6144 or We are excited to offer free shipping to all 50 US states and a great 14 day return policy.