Are you looking for Oldsmobile center caps, wheel covers or hubcaps? Please browse our inventory of refurbished OEM Oldsmobile parts to restore your wheel to its original condition. We have OEM parts for the Achieva, Alero, Century, Rainier, Silhouette and everything in between. Please click on the below links to view the parts we have for sale for each model. We perform an extensive quality check on all parts and thoroughly clean them using a state of the art ultrasonic machine. How do you know which cap to purchase? If you have an aluminum wheel, you will need an Oldsmobile center cap while steel wheels require hubcaps or wheel covers. Identifying the correct cap can be challenging but we can help! Please enter your make, model and year or the manufacturer's part number in our search page located here. The manufacturer's part number is typically stamped on the back of a center cap or hubcap. If you have any questions about our used Oldsmobile wheel covers, center caps or hubcaps, please contact us directly at sales@centercaps.net or 1-866-909-6144. Don't forget, we provide free USPS shipping to all 50 US states.